I had plans of doing absolutely nothing today. Life doesn’t always work out that way though.


That is my 12 year old son. He and his sister were playing a little rough, and wrestling around (like I have said not to do about 3 billion times). Suddenly I hear a crash, and laughter which was quickly interrupted by a scream and lots of tears.

If you are a wrestling fan, you may be familiar with a belly to belly suplex. (If not, there are some great examples on Youtube.) My daughter is 16, but she is smaller than my 12 year old. She’s been training for cross country lately, and working out a lot. Apparently she didn’t realize her own strength.  She suplexed her brother in the middle of the living room floor. You see some of the results in the picture.

One ambulance ride, a CT scan, and several x-rays later we find out that his neck and back are fine. (We really thought she may have broken his neck.) The poor kid has a cracked rib. He has to be seen again on Monday now, and I am somehow supposed to keep this very active young man from being active. Should be interesting.

This does not help with my feeling overwhelmed. Honestly, I think today was harder on me than it was him. I was imagining all the worst case scenarios. Now I am exhausted. I really hope that for the next 24 hours, life can be very uneventful and I can get some much needed rest.
(This was actually supposed to go to another blog. It works here as well though.)


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