You Sexy Thing

I have to make a confession.  I am a girl. This will be shocking to many people in my life, as I spent much of my time and effort ignoring that fact.
Why worry about doing your hair when you can just throw it in a ponytail? 
Makeup? Nah. I’ll sleep an extra 30 minutes, thanks. 
Wear a dress? Why? You have to remember to keep your knees together and not climb trees or ride bikes or any of that fun stuff.

See, I was born a girl, but I quickly learned that most of my neighbors were guys, and they had way more fun anyway. I decided early on in life that a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers are much more preferable to heels and dresses and makeup. EWW!

Except something happened.

As I was nearing my 30th birthday, I decided I actually liked jewelry. I found a job selling jewelry through a direct sales company, and eventually began creating and selling my own jewelry. I was shocked, because it was such a “girly” thing, but I liked it. It wasn’t long until I started realizing that other “girly” things could be fun and sexy once in a while. I haven’t completely turned away from my tomboy ways, but occasionally I do my makeup, fix my hair and strap on a hot set of heels.

ImageI tend to pair my sexy heels with a nice pair of jeans that showcases my ASSets just right and a flattering top. While I am still not a complete girly-girl, I have definitely learned that with the right pair of shoes, a girl can do ANYTHING.

Don’t forget some fabulous earrings, a couple of bracelets and a great statement necklace to finish off the look, but it is definitely all about the shoes.

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